Hi there.

Hi there

My name is Lara and I’m excited to help you with your nature-related project.

As a translatorsubtitler and proofreader I’ll make sure that the wording of your Luxembourgish, German or English project is spot-on.


I’ll find the right words for your Luxembourgish, German or English translation project. With my MA in Translation Studies and postgraduate degree in Ecology, you can expect both, theoretical and applied knowledge.


I care about the details and so should you. English, German and especially Luxembourgish are no easy languages. I’ll help you make sure that any textual elements of your project reflect that you care about every aspect of your work.


How often do you listen to a video on social media with the sound on? Exactly! That’s why well-written subtitles are so important. As a certified subtitler, I can also assure that your content is inclusive to the deaf and hard of hearing.


Your project needs to stand out, get the tone right and communicate your values. You give me the details of your nature-related project, I give you the text, be it for social media, your website or a brochure.

Find out what makes me the right person
for your project.

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Climate Change



Travel & Adventure

Nature Documentaries


Outdoor Recreation


The use of Luxembourgish in everyday life is on the rise thanks to the age of digitalisation. If your website, brochures or other documents aren’t available in Luxembourgish yet, you should consider doing so. Your clients will appreciate it. Here is where it gets tricky though: Not too many people master the intricacies of Luxembourgish orthography and grammar and those who do, although happy to read Luxembourgish content, cannot help but notice the mistakes.

Attention to detail matters and shows that you or company care about every aspect of your work. Whether it is through translation or proofreading, I’d be delighted to help you with your Luxembourgish content.


20 – 35c
per word


15 – 25€
transcription per RTM

10 – 30€
translation per RTM


50 – 75 € per 1000 words

75 – 100 € per 1000 words

Rates vary based on language, difficulty, type & format of the document, materials provided by the client, and urgency.

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